Sillicon Capital is a team of like minded professionals providing a sophisticated innovative finance solution that brings together non-bank fund managers, investment bankers, property developers & corporate Australia all in the one marketplace.

Azam Ahsan:  Co-Founder Business Development Project & Corporate Deal Execution):
Azam has 20 years experience in various roles with particular expertise in sales, direct marketing, call centre management, business development, event management & promotion.
Azam is responsible for leading strategic marketing direction for Sillicon Capital’s expansion in local & international market
his role incorporates leadership of a national cross- functional team & is responsible for corporate relation , marketing & sales of Sllicon Capital services.

He holds a Master of Science with Major Geology & Financial Services training with Fintech industry.

Azzam’s contact details:

Email:  [email protected]

Contact number: 0459 697 853

Previous to his current role, Azam was responsible for selling corporate finance, raising capital & structure the corporate deal through different organisation. He was also responsible for selling project finance by way of debt & equity capital for different projects.

Victor Marco Founder, Project Management & Business Development:

Victor has more than 2 decades of experience in Business Development. He is a Founder of a Consultancy – Sillicon Cities Consulting & Advisory. When consulting with businesses, Victor witnessed how lack of access to capital can hinder projects & affect development plans. He therefore set up Sillicon Consulting to help specific companies access funds for development & expansion plans.

Victor’s contact details:

Email: [email protected]

Contact number: 0423964722

Our main goal is to provide an efficient marketplace where transactions can be facilitated during uncertain times.
The result will be quicker transactions, more informed credits, more efficient use of time & better way to do business.

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